Burial Forms


Burial Ground Rules and Regulations

1. No inscription of any kind can be placed in the Cemetary without the approval of Elham Parish Council.

2. Headstone and tablets removed from the grave in which an additional member of the family is to be buried must be replaced as soon as possible.

3. All headstones and tablets, onjce erected, shll be kept in good repair to comply with current health and safety legislation, at the expense of the next of kin*

* Please ensure that up to date contacvt details are lodged with the Clerk. The Parish Council reserves the right to take emergency measures to comply with relevant legislation.


Mrs Cathy Skinner,

Clerk to Elham Parish Council

January 2017




BURIAL FEES December 2016 Parishioner NON resident

PART 1 INTERMENTS                                                                  £                       £
A still-born child, or a child whose age                                    No Charge           n/a
at the time of death did not exceed one month
A child whose age at the time of death                                    71.50                  143.00

exceeded one month but did not exceed twelve years
A person whose age at the time of death                               113.50                   226.50
exceeded twelve years:

For the interment of cremated remains in a grave                   67.00                  127.50
of which exclusive right of burial has been granted
Part 2: Exclusive Rights of Burial in Earthen Graves
For the exclusive right of burial in perpetuity in an earthen      113.50                  226.50
grave 7ft x 3ft (214cm x 92cm
For the exclusive right of burial of cremated                               67.00                  127.50
remains in an earthen grave 2ft x 2ft (61cm x 61cm):
Part 3: Gravestones, Tablets and Inscriptions
For the right to erect or place on a grave in respect of which exclusive right of burial has been granted:
A flat stone not exceeding 1 foot x 1 foot (30cm x 30cm)            92.50                 185.00
A headstone not exceeding 4 feet 6 ins (137cm) in height          92.50                 185.00

Subsequent inscriptions:                                                              43.00                   88.00