HIGHWAYS UPDATE from Cllr Jon Worrall

Meeting with KCC Highways on 8th November

On 8th November 4 Councillors and the Parish Clerk met with a representative from KCC Highways Dept.

The discussion covered the following:

  • The painting of a white line round the bend from the High Street into Park Lane to create a “virtual footpath”. And to warn traffic that there may be pedestrians coming round the bend.

KCC Highways agreed that this would be done after the start of their next financial year in April when new funding would be available. They also agreed to re-paint the 30 mph sign on the road next to the entrance to the Village Hall.

  • Creating a 40 mph restriction from Ottinge Court Farm all the way to Collards Lane, and to extend the 30 mph zone to the north to encompass Park Lane.

KCC do not have the funding to cover this and it falls outside their parameters as there has not been any reported incidents in the last 3 years.

They agreed to provide costings for these measures in case the Parish Council decide to fund the projects.

These have now been provided and are estimated to be c. £15,500.

KCC also pointed out that the final decision on a speed limit change will be subject to public consultation and political approval. They will provide accurate costings once the full scheme has been designed (this will incur the costs of officer time even if the scheme does not progress to implementation).